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Delhi Durbar

By 1877, the British Empire had taken over administration of the greater portion of the Indian subcontinent. One of the culminating events of this transfer of sovereignty was installation of Queen Victoria as Empress of India. To honor the customs of new addition to the British Empire, Thomas Henry Thornton organized a Delhi Durbar. The Delhi Durbar can be translated as “Court of Delhi” and was carefully constructed as a mix of many different cultures to mark the accession of a new sovereign. Durbar is actually a Mughal term which means gathering of nobility. The Delhi Durbar ceremony was repeated in 1903 and again in 1911. The 1903 Delhi Durbar was extensively documented in a book titled “Durbar” by Morimer Menpes. Pictures of the 1903 Delhi Durbar were taken by the famous Gertrude Bell and included in the book “Durbar.” The crack team of researchers at WBritain used “Durbar” to create amazing military miniatures of this amazing event. This series of toy soldiers or military miniatures by WBritain was intensely popular and has been completely sold out and is no longer available from the manufacture. Trains and Toy Soldiers has a select few of these military miniatures left, and we encourage you to get yours today. Trains and Toy soldiers is proud to be an authorized W. Britain dealer. We share the philosophy that our surest path to continued success to making sure that every single customer experience is always of the highest quality. Please contact Trains and Toy Soldiers if we can help answer any questions about military miniatures.