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Archive Collection

Trains and Toy Soldiers honors and values the rich history of the toy soldier. We have a large selection of these collectible toy soldier sets from the mid-twentieth century. Though as more and more of these earlier toy soldiers are being brought into museum collections or being lost to time. Finding quality and affordable mid-twentieth century pieces has become more and more difficult. To answer this growing demand for the toy soldiers that you might have cherished in your youth WBritain has introduced the Archive collection. This collection allows the modern collector to own these classic toy soldiers at the fraction of what the original sets are selling for on the open market. WBritain toy soldiers cherishes the traditions of the toy soldier community, as you would expect from the longest running manufacture in the business. To recreate these mid-twentieth century toy soldiers, a pristine example of the original toy soldier was used as template. That template was then used to cast an entirely new mold for the archive collection. Each toy soldier from this new mold was hand painted with careful attention paid to the original mid-twentieth example. This painstaking process allows the collector in the early twenty-first century to own an almost exact duplicate of the toy soldiers he or she might have played with in their youth. Trains and Toy Soldiers commitment to offering superior products and unparalleled customer service has been the secret to our success. Please email or call us if we can help you find your next toy soldier purchase.