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Ancient Egypt

1897 years before the founding of Rome, 2226 years before the birth of Aristotle, a kingdom rose along the Nile so magnificent that it would capture the imaginations of people four millennium later. The ancient Egyptian accomplishments were so outstanding that we are still struggling to understand in our time. The King and Country Ancient Egypt collection allows you to reconstruct the moments of this ancient empire. A highly structured and divided culture in which Pharaohs were seen as more than men, but instead semi-divine creatures whose words held the power of life and death. These Pharaohs decreed that massive monuments be to honor them in death. The most colossal of these pyramids, the Great Pyramid of Giza would be the tallest man made structure in world for better part of two thousand years. But not only the great but also meek can be found in this collection, soldier and slaves, craftsmen and courtiers, are available to complete your diorama. Hand crafted in meticulous detail, we are proud to offer you these King and Country figurines for your enjoyment.