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First Legion

In 2007, First Legion was formed and undertook a bold mission. That is to produce the best toy soldiers, military miniatures, and war game pieces in the entire world. Driven by a notion largely absent from everyday life recently, anything that is worth doing is worth doing well. For First Legion, well means exquisitely crafted in every detail. This determination to create a peerless catalog of quality products has been their driving force ever since. First Legion's commitment to quality is paired with an effort to keep prices as low as possible. First Legion’s offerings are slightly larger than other manufactures; most metal figurines are 90mm or 60mm rather 54mm. Although resin figurines are available in the 1/35 ratio if that is your preference. We currently have available a selection of 60mm toy soldiers and 1/32 scale model vehicles. Though, our commitment to enhancing your collecting experience means we are eager to supply you with any item you desire. Please email us if we can help or call 1-800-786-1888.