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Elastolin and Lineol composition toy soldiers were manufactured in Germany since the early twentieth century and continued on for nearly 50 years. Although their appearance seemed fragile they were tough and resistant to damage. The paint used on these figures held up quite well over the years although some fading and chipping may have occurred through play. The process is quite simple, involving a machined brass mold and a cereal-like mixture of wood flour, kaolin and animal glue that is pressed into both halves and a thin wire having been bent to the proper shape is inserted; after which the molds are joined, air-dryed and heated to cure the figures. Many of the composition figures produced were of a larger size than their metal counterparts. The most popular sizes were from 8cm (approximately 3 3/16”) to 10.5cm (approximately 4 1/2”). Both companies produced a vast array of military toy soldiers along with civilian animals and scenic’s.