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Remember The Alamo

The Alamo story began with the creation of the San Francisco mission de Solano as far back as the eighteenth century when Father Antonio de San Buenaventura Olivares converted some Texas Coahuiltecan Indians to Catholicism. The current location of the mission was chosen in the early eighteenth century after the Alamo had changed location. The Alamo Mission formerly known as the San Antonio de Valero was home to the Indian converts and the Spanish missionary throughout the 1700s. The Alamo experienced a period of decline in Spanish administration in the early nineteenth century after Spain mobilized its warriors to Texas as a result of threats from the Americans and French from Louisiana. The Alamo armies shifted their loyalty in 1821 to a newly established nation when Mexico declared its independence from Spain. Apparently, the Alamo remained a military outpost thereafter. The Alamo was not only a military outpost; it was a center of commerce and a crossroad during the Texas revolutions of the nineteenth century. The Alamo was a very vital military and civil asset in Texas. Remember the Alamo toys are based on the historic phenomenon surrounding the Alamo. We have great and lovely toys of the New Alamo façade, the Fighting Mexican, the duelists, the riflemen, Mexican flag bearer, Mexican Officer w/Pistol and the Davy Crockett Set amongst others.