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WBritain mission to make history something that you can touch, handle, and admire is not limited to the battlefields of yesteryear. Strong women have shaped our countries and our worlds past. Abigail Adams was a trusted confident and advisor for her husband, John Adams. John Adams was founding father and the second President of the United States and Abigail Adams was constantly at his side. The 18th and 19th century saw the beginnings of the fashion industry and first political empowerment of women across the world. Women activist were key in the anti-slavery movement and anti-saloon league. Women such as Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence, Elizabeth Robins, Kitty Marion, Mary Macarthur, and Jane Austen began to question, examine, and write about the role of women in society. Czarzina Alexandra and Queen Victoria influenced the path of the great empires of Europe. Elizabeth Blackwell became the first women physician in the United States, and Clara Barton founded the Red Cross. While the role of women in society was changing during these days, the fashions for middle class and upper middle class women are also radically alternating. The W Britain Petticoat series allows you to see the evolution of women’s fashion through the decades in beautiful miniatures with stunning glossy finish. This entire series is retired, and we will not be able to obtain anymore after our few remaining items have been sold. The featured dressed range from 1755 until the dawn of twentieth century, make sure you pick up of these singular toy miniatures today.