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Wrath of the Northmen

From the sea, they came. Out of the mists, they emerged. The Vikings terrified Southern Europe for two centuries and WBritain Wrath of the Northmen series captures their fury. The Vikings history has been massively reevaluated in my lifetime. As late as the middle of the 20th century, they were seen as savage but simple brutes. Simple raiders that only were truly effective against unarmed pheasants. A more current historical opinion agrees that that the Wrath of the Northmen was terrible, but they were also amazing navigators that had settlements in North America hundreds of years before Christopher Columbus famous voyage in 1492. On the Eurasian landmass, the Wrath of the Northmen extend as far as the middle east, but the Vikings also traded successful and therefore brought superior technology back to Europe to fight their enemies there. The “Ulberht” swords carried and treasured by the most fearsome Viking warriors were forged of crucible steel. A type of steel of such strength, flexibility, and purity that historians still hotly debate how an illiterate people such as the Vikings could have obtained them. Trains and Toy Soldiers is proud to be an official W. Britain dealer. William Britain has been making world class toy soldiers and military miniatures for over one hundred years, and even with that impressive history “The Wrath of the Northmen Series” is breaking new ground. If you have questions or comments, please leave us message on our “contact us” page. Trains and Toy Soldiers is always excited to here from fellow toy soldier enthusiasts.