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The Challenger Steam Locomotive

Aug 18th 2016

The Steam Engine lives in the myth of America. You can imagine it right now, gliding across the open plains underneath an endless sky, arriving at the station with passengers wearing long skirts and top hats, pulling away from the station loaded with soldiers off to fight a war in a distant land. But even myths have beginnings, and the myth of the steam engine begins with the Challenger.

The Challenger is massive, over one hundred feet long and weighing over 140 tons. The marvel of the early 20th century and a timeless beauty we can still enjoy. The Challenger would go faster than the fastest wild stallion, over sixty miles per hour. Climb the highest mountains effortlessly and pull more freight than had ever dreamed of. The Challenger is the pinnacle of the steam engine.

You can see, and we will soon bring you extensive descriptions of a fully preserved and restored Challenger in North Platte, Nebraska. You can own and we are pleased to offer several exquisitely detailed locomotives for your own carefully constructed model railroad layout. Unfortunately, an engine this majestic rarely stays anywhere long, so please contact soon if you would like this piece of the American myth. The JLC Clinchfield Challenger by Lionel, 6-38010, is one of the most highly detailed steam locomotives ever attempted in O Gauge diecast. The JLC Clinchfield Challenger, if you are serious about your collection, is the steam engine that you cannot be without.