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Get your hard to find WBritain Toy Soldiers here

Feb 8th 2017

 Get your hard to find WBritain Toy Soldiers here

The Good Soldier Trains and Toy Soldiers is celebrating their first The Good Soldier celebrating their first anniversary. The outstanding team at The Good Soldier has combined the majestic tradition of William Britain with the desire to blaze new frontier in military miniatures. Trains and Toy Soldiers has been extremely impressed with Ken Osen and the team innovation and dedication to designing and building a entirely new generation of military miniatures for the 21st century. Low inventroy on the following William Britain military miniatures. When these remaining items are sold, Trains and Toy Soldiers will no longer be able to obtain them, because they are no longer available from the The Good Soldier LLC which manufactures WBritain items. Please Click on the following pictures for your last chance to get these retiring items.

WBritain 31003 Union Infantry Iron Brigade Standing Firing No.1

The Iron Brigade was one of the most battle hardened units in Union Army during the American Civil War. Despite the fact the brigade was orginal composed of regiments from men for the western states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana the Iron Brigade fought in Eastern Theater of the Civil War. The Iron Bridgade fought in many famous battle including the Second Battle of Bull Run, the Battle of South Mountain, the Battle of Antietam, the Battle of Frederickburg, the Battle of Chancellorsville, and the Battle of Gettysburg.  

In The Battle of Gettysburg, the Iron Brigade suffered devastating losses in combat. The most of any brigade on either side of the American Civil War. Despite losses on over fifty percent, the men of the Iron Brigade maintained unit cohesion and were crucial to this famous Union victory. During the battle at Seminary and observor commented that Iron Brigade "...maintain their alignment with great precision...with the regularity of a machine, work thier guns upon the enemy." The amazing discipline to perform their duty despite the fact that the Army of Northern Virginia surging toward them is an example of courage for all time. 

WBritain Soldier 31012 American Civil War Confederate Infantry Flagbearer Advancing - Army Of Northern Virginia Battle Flag

The American Civil War would not have lasted so long or taken so many lives if it was not for perseverance of the Army of Northern Virginia. While Union formations such as Iron Brigade on the Union proved many times that would pay any price to maintain the Union. The number of times the Army of Northern Virginia prevailed in battle despite being outnumbered is still a wonder to students of military history. 

In 1962, during, the Second Battle of Bull Run or Battle of Second Manassas, the Union outnumbered the Army of Northern Virginia by more 20,000 soldiers and despite those odds the Confederate still prevailed. Later that year at Battle of Fredericksburg, Confederate Army was again outnumbered this by over 40,000 soldiers. Again despite being greatly outnumbered the Confederates prevailed and protected from the South invasion. These amazing feats would be overshadowed the next year during Battle of Chancellorsville. During those fateful days of the spring of 1963, the Army of Northern Virginia would defeat a Union force that outnumbered them by more than 60,000 soldiers. Despite the Union Army's two to one advantage in manpower, the Army of Northern Virginia would defend the South once again from invasion. The victory was bought dear for the Confederate suffered over 10,000 casualties and the leadership of General Thomas Johnson "Stonewall" Jackson, who would soon perish from wounds he received on May 2. 

The string of military victories achieved by the Army of Northern Virginia over enormous odds protected the South from invasion and kept the hope of Confederate victory alive.   


W Britain 31177 Confederate Infantry in Frock Coat American Civil War