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Louis Marx Trains an American Classic

Posted by Evelyn on Apr 23rd 2018

The New York communities welcomed a new company to its fold in 1919. The company was formed by Louis Marx and his brother David to give the customer more toys for less money. This mission of more for less was couched with the emphasis on quality, which the brothers said it was non-negotiable! The result of the well-packaged toy company was a highly successful Marx known widely for high-quality toy trains.

Throughout history, Marx busied itself with the production of a wide range of toys. The company centered its manufacturing belief on six qualities in toy trains production. The six qualities are familiarity, play value, skill, sturdiness and comprehensibility, and surprise. While Marx manufactured different types of toys, Trains and Toy Soldiers collector focused on O Gauge Trains and accessories along with toy soldiers. Thus, Marx became widely known as the largest toy company worldwide. Its popularity for toy making was corroborated in the Time Magazine of 1955 when it Louis Marx got the title the “Toy King.”

The streamlined Union Pacific M-10000 was Marx first newly designed train set produced in 1934. Included in the M-10000 brand are gondola, single dome car and caboose tendered 0-4-0 steam locomotive. The M-10000 model was made of tin. Included in the boxed set are tubular track and a transformer. By today’s description, this model will fall into the Ready to Run class. From inception, numerous train sets, steam locomotive sets, diesel sets and other cars including tank cars, boxcars, gondolas, and cabooses are produced. In the words of Mr. Greenberg, he describes Louis Marx toy train business as the most important manufacturer of affordable American toy trains.

Trains and Toy soldiers go the extra mile to get your rare and limited train toys. We collect a wide range of toy trains and toy soldiers, but the recent growth of Marx Toy Trains limits its availability because many collectors are after Marx collectibles. One of such rare collectible is the US Army train Set that features the 666 steam locomotive presented with U.S. Army work caboose two flat cars with army vehicles featuring a working smoke unit.

Marx model trains use tin and plastic in O Gauge trains. Along with railroad figures and animals, the accessories include Whistling Train Station, a Girard Whistling Train Station, metal bridges of all sorts (the famous IC Lift Bridge), an Oak Park Diesel Station footbridge, beacon tower, a metal tunnel, bubbling water tower, floodlight tower, street lamps, and barrel loader.

If you want to get your Marx toy trains, any model at all and accessories, contact us at Trains And Toy Soldiers to get everything you want.