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Military Engineers in World War 2 | US Army Documentary

Oct 9th 2016

Trains and Toy Soldiers has the highest level respect for the men and women that fought in World War II. The World War II generation volunteered in record numbers after Pearl Harbor. Though many of their father’s had seen the horror of the trenches on the western front in World War I, hundreds and thousands of “the greatest generation” answered their countries call to service when asked. Military Engineers are not often the stars of action movies. Most days, Military Engineers’ work consists of building things our army needs to complete the mission or clearing obstacles that stand in our army’s way. This work is mission critical. Warfare has depended for countless generations on the ability of support troops to supply the front lines with the constant supply of food, water, ammo and other supplies. The United States Army has lead the world in the ability to transport warriors and war fighting supplies to the battlefront in amazing quantities. Please enjoy this classic short film about military engineers in World War II, after you are finished take a moment to browse our selection of some the best toy soldiers and military miniatures available anywhere on the planet.