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Military History: The Difference Between a Grenadier and a Fusilier

Jan 2nd 2018

Military History: The Difference Between a Grenadier and a Fusilier

The Difference Between a Grenadier and a Fusilier

If you see the uniform of a grenadier and one of a fusilier, then you may think that they are both one and the same. Well, that’s not the case. There are some key differences when it comes to each one of these units.

The video named “The Difference Between a Grenadier and a Fusilier” explains this with a lot of detail. And yes, there are quite a lot of differences, some of which you will see without any hassle. Other differences, on the other hand, are a lot subtler.

For example, the grenadier cap is a lot longer and larger in size. The fusilier cap is still pretty large, but it’s not as massive when compared to the grenadier. It’s still pretty distinct and unique to begin with, so you should keep that in mind.

Being a fusilier also required some extra equipment on their white part of their uniform. But why were they called fusiliers? Before the American War of Independence when flint locks became the most important weapons, these were only used by select units that had a lot of training. In fact, that’s the major difference, the fusilier was mostly using newer and more expensive tech.

Some would say that the Fusiliers were the guinea pigs for the new tech and they wouldn’t be wrong. But they had a lot of practice with the flint locks and while others used muskets for a very long time, the fusiliers did have an advantage.

Their weapons were focused on faster loading, and that was obviously bringing in a huge advantage in battle. While it was harder to train for using such a weapon, they also had the field advantage which was extremely important during battles.

Grenadiers on the other hand still had their own weapon, but they do have that name from something, as you can imagine. They had a small, golden item on their uniform that allowed them to easily fuse up a grenade and throw it at the enemy. While that was a bit hard to do at first, it did bring in front some amazing moments and rather impressive results. It’s safe to say that grenadiers and fusiliers are rather different, even if their uniform is almost the same.

Even the uniform colors are pretty similar, and that’s why most people tend to be confused. But yes, the difference is there and you can indeed see it. That’s what makes a fusilier different from a grenadier, alongside the different weapons and methods of attack.

The Difference Between a Grenadier and a Fusilier is a very good and informative video that goes even further when it comes to the differences between these two units and how you can spot them. It’s a very informative video, so if you want to learn more about fusiliers and grenadiers, you may want to check that out right away. It’s a short, but informative and accurate video that helps you get the insight you need into the differences between these two amazing units!

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