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St. Nicholas Day - Free Shipping on Train Sets!

Dec 6th 2019

Happy St. Nicholas Day! Celebrate with free shipping on all train sets today! Use the code TRAINSET on our website for free train set shipping all day. 

St. Nicholas Day is a feast day on December 6 that honors St. Nicholas, the 4th century Greek bishop of Myra (present-day Turkey). 

Santa Claus (in the U.S.) and Father Christmas (in the U.K.) are figures who derive from St. Nicholas. Not much is known about the original St. Nick - the earliest known accounts of his life were written hundreds of years after he died, and contain numerous mythical elaborations. He is known for such legendary feats as rescuing girls from being forced into prostitution, calming storms at sea, saving innocent soldiers from wrongful execution, resurrecting murdered children, and chopping down a demon tree. 

The American Santa Claus evolved from the Dutch Sinterklaas, who is based on St. Nicholas. The traditional hair and garb of Santa Claus (white beard, red hat and outfit), as well as a large red book in which it is written which children have been good or naughty, come from Sinterklaas. 

St. Nicholas is the patron saint of children, merchants, sailors, brewers, and more. Due to the plethora of miracles attributed to him and his praying, he is also known as Nicholas the Wonderworker. 

We're only able to work one small wonder for you today, and that's free shipping on all our train sets! This offer is only valid today - don't miss it (and remember to use the code TRAINSET at checkout). 

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