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John Jenkins Designs - Aztec and Roman Empires

Sep 19th 2019

Trains and Toy Soldiers has more exciting John Jenkins Designs additions. This week, we're featuring the Aztec and Roman Empires. Don't miss these Conquest of America and Armies & Enemies of Ancient Rome toy soldiers!THE AZTEC EMPIREImage: Aztec Ally Chieftain with Cuauhololli (The Conquest of America, The Aztec Empire), available from Trains and Toy Soldiers.The Aztec Empire, or the Triple Alliance, was an alliance of three Nahua altepetl&n...
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New from John Jenkins Designs

Sep 7th 2019

Trains and Toy Soldiers has some exciting new John Jenkins Designs releases this September, especially in our Eighteenth Century Collection. Check out the toy soldier tab of our website, give us a call at 1-800-786-1888, or read on for more information about some of our latest additions!THE BATTLE OF SARATOGA, 1777“The surrender that changed the world." In October 1777, a 6,000 strong British army surrendered in defeat after the American victo...
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Collecting Toy Soldiers

Posted by Frank Way on Jan 23rd 2019

Collecting Toy SoldiersRecently a customer walked into the store and was surprised by the large display of Toy Soldiers and the variety of Military Miniatures on display. After a brief view of the display he remarked “I had no idea that toy soldiers were so popular?”. Before I could respond he asked, “who collects toy soldier’s historians, teachers…?”. This led to a lengthy conversation which set me thinking. Over the years I myself have f...
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History of Vikings

Jul 27th 2016

History of Vikings
The Vikings are Aryans, the Ayran race includes the Nordic and Germanic peoples who migrated from the far north to a place called “Thule. They have been around creating history for more than a thousand years. Having separated in their migration downwards, the Norse settled in the Scandinvian countries while the Germanic’s settled in Germania. Both worshiped the same gods, used the same runes and shared the same fine qualities of courage,...
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