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The Good Soldier Company only getting better after one year

Feb 22nd 2017

The Good Soldier Company only getting better after one year

Trains and Toy Soldiers loves working with the find people at The Good Soldier. No matter if you say William Britain, W Britain, or just Britains people know you are talking about one of the prestigious companies to ever make toy soldiers and military miniatures. For over a year now, Ken Osen and the team at The Good Soldier Company have been adding to the legendary reputation of W Britain.

This has been accomplished by hiring the most impressive team of toy soldier and military history experts to be recently assembled. Members of The Good Soldier team have years of experience selling toy soldiers and working in some of  the finest museums on the entire planet. We know that many of our customers demand a highllevel of historical accuracy in their military miniatures and W Britain has spent long hours making sure that their toy soldiers meet these high standards.

Beyond the attention to historical detail, Trains and Toy Soldiers has been extremely impressed with sculpting and design work that is clearly apparent in the new toy soldiers being released this year. Ken Osen has earned a reputation as a world class sculptor. Ken Osen now has a team of designers and artists he can direct to create a new wave of instant classic toy soldiers.

One of our favorite upcoming releases can be found below.  

Perhaps there will never be another American like Abraham Lincoln. This son of a simple farmer first rose in society through great physical strength and then through applying himself to the study of the law. This one time congressman and failed Senate candidate was to became the first Republican President in 1861. Largely because the Democratic Party split their votes between two candidates and lost control of the White House for the first time in 12 years. 

He was sworn into office on March 4, 1861. A little more than a month later General Beauregard commanded cannons to fire upon Fort Sumter and the American Civil War had begun. 

Abraham Lincoln has been the subject of military miniatures for decades. Many of them very good, but the new Toy Soldier from W Britain might be the best ever made, just compare the close up on the right of the page with a photography taken of President Lincoln early in his term. William Britain commitment to a new level excellence is apparent to all.