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Toy Soldier Collection Update

Aug 13th 2016

Its been slightly over a week since announcing the large collection of toy soldiers acquired by Trains and Toy Soldiers. As there are over 3000 single figures and several hundred armored and artillery pieces to list the process of listing each item is moving along somewhat slower than hoped.

A large number of King & Country military miniatures have now been listed on Ancient Egypt AE028, AE031, AE042, AE057, AE509, Life of Jesus LOJ008, LOJ010, LOJ011, LOJ012, Sons of the Empire SOE007, SOE014, SOE016, Luftwaffe LW053, LW040, LW015 have been added to TrainsAndToySoldiers website along with numerous other figures in categories Christmas Collections, Royal Air Force, World War I and World War II.

Of particular interest are many retired and sold out toy soldiers that we have acquired BBG072 Jagdpanther AUSF G1 German Tank, JN001 A6M Mitsubishi Zero, HK176 18 Ship Street, WS199 Nazi T34/76 German Version Tank to mention a few.

If you are looking for a particular toy soldier, military vehicle, airplane or scenic accessory feel free to call Trains and Toy Soldiers on our toll free number 1-800-786-1888. Until next week…Happy Soldiering!