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​Trains and Toy Soldiers is an official MTH Dealer

Feb 6th 2017

​Trains and Toy Soldiers is an official MTH Dealer

If you appreciate quality construction and environment of innovation, then MTH Trains is the company for you. Trains and Toy Soldiers is proud to be working with many companies that been in business for centuries, but there is always room for a fresh perspective and a willingness to challenge the status quo.

MTH Trains has been shaped by the drive and values of Mike Wolf. Mike Wolf began MTH small mail order business out 

of his parent’s home when he was twenty years old. Mike Wolf’s vision and dedication have brought MTH trains from those humble beginnings to be one of the largest designers and manufactures of electric model trains in only thirty-five years.

Mike Wolf’s leadership as MTH trains is apparent in another aspect of his business, the top-quality people he has brought together to staff MTH Trains. During the process of becoming an MTH dealer and learning how to use their array of sales tools, Trains and Toy Soldiers has had the joy of working with these fine people. Rarely have we encountered such a top-notch group anywhere. Each person at MTH Trains is dedicated to helping us bring you the electric model trains you want. They have never been too busy to quickly respond to any of our questions, and we know that this culture of service and putting the customer first is something that takes strong leadership.

Trains and Toy Soldiers is excited to bring you an expanding selection of MTH Trains products including RailKing, MTH Electric Trains O gauge, MTH Electric Trains S gauge, and MTH Electric Trains HO Trains. Trains and Toy Soldiers also has a small selection of the highly sought after Tinplate Traditions Electric Model Trains.

The first thirty-five years of MTH Trains have been an amazing success, and Trains and Toy Soldiers believes that even greater success will follow. The combination of MTH Trains commitment to quality construction and Trains and Toy Soldiers commitment to customer service will be a great combination moving forward.