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​Trains and Toy Soldiers Travels To The Midwest Toy Soldier Show

Apr 6th 2017

​Trains and Toy Soldiers Travels To The Midwest Toy Soldier Show

Today we are packing up some of our massive selection of Toy Soldiers. We have your longtime favorites like Super Detail Britains, which are the best value in painted plastic toy soldiers available today. Trains and Toy Soldiers has Conte Collectibles plastic toy soldiers. We still have a large variety of plastic toys soldiers available on the website and there will be some Conte Collectibles available at the show. Including Conte Collectibles British 24th foot Zulu series, Conte Collectibles Zulus Zulu Wars series, Conte Collectible Desert Arab Warriors series, Conte Collectible French Foreign Legion Series, Conte Collectibles Normans Plastic Toy Soldiers Set one and Conte Collectibles Viking Toy Soldier Set two. For the same great prices, you can find every day on our website but since we will be there to hand them to you. There will be no shipping cost.

We recently began stocking and are pleased to offer plastic Toy Soldiers by LOD Enterprises at the Midwest Toy Soldiers Show. LOD Enterprise is best known for their magnificent War at Troy set one and two. Which will be available at the Midwest Toy Soldiers Show. We will also have the newer releases from LOD Enterprises including American War for Independence British Grenadiers and LOD Enterprises American War for Independence Colonial Minuteman. Trains and Toy Soldiers will also have LOD Enterprises Robin Hood and his Merry Men and LOD Enterprises Sheriff’s Men ~ the Normans at the show.

Trains and Toy Soldiers just received a shipment from Cunnyngham Collectibles that just arrived today at a great price. We will be passing those saving on to you with special pricing for a limited time. We will also have a few of our favorite plastic toy soldiers form Toy Soldiers of San Diego also known as TSSD.

Trains and Toy Soldiers knows that people hope to find great deals at Toy Soldier Shows and we want to help meet your expectations. So I will tell you a secret, but promise not to tell anyone else, W Britain 23088 A Friendly Game - 1914 Christmas Truce Soccer Set No. 1, No Man's Land Soccer Match which normally sells for $95 and W Britain Soldiers 23086 Look At Him Go - 1914 Christmas Truce Set No. 2 which normally sells for 79.95 will be at the show, but at an outstanding show price of $25 for either set. That means you can save 68% on W Britain Soldiers 23086 Look At Him Go and you can save 74% on W Britain 23088 A Friendly Game. Please note we will be bringing 12 of each of these items to the show make sure you get there early.