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We were blown away by Worlds BIGGEST MODEL AIRPORT - 1:87 scale MiWuLa Hamburg

Dec 22nd 2017

If you are a miniature lover, then you are definitely going to enjoy visiting the MiWuLa Hamburg. This is the largest miniature airport in the world. What makes this great is the fact that here you can find some of the largest small airplanes in the world. Not only that, but everything is automated and planes to take off, land and they resume their duties pretty much like in the case of a regular airport.

The thing that you will like the most about MiWuLa Hamburg is that everything is created with a very high attention to detail. The lights are added in adequately, and they did a very good job at making the airport life as realistic as possible.

You get to see all the major airplane manufacturers and operators, not to mention there are tons of cars parked outside the airport. In fact, they even added some low-riders to bring in more fun to the entire experience.

MiWuLa Hamburg really manages to capture the airport experience and that does make the entire miniature experience a lot more impressive. You get to see what it really means to have run an airport and to explore it in all of its glory.

There is a plethora of moving parts here, and it’s amazing to see that they actually work exactly the way you would expect. There are crashed airplanes too, safety professionals and a variety of other amazing locations that you need to explore in there. All of that brings the overall realism even further, and it does go to show how amazing the entire airport gets to be.

The model airport is specifically designed according to some of the latest airplane models on the market. At the same time, they did a very good job at offering a great insight into the day to day life of model airplanes.

While everything is programmed and automatic, each unit works seamlessly and it doesn’t require any adjustments. That makes the entire process a lot more distinct and interesting, not to mention that the ability to just explore the airport in all of its glory is really special. While this is a large airport, the fact that you can explore it without a hassle is what sets it apart. It looks great, and at the same time the colors, painting, location, everything is as accurate as you may imagine.

It’s not easy to create something like this, which is why MiWuLa Hamburg is considered to be one of the coolest model airports in the world. It’s massive, amazing and it also shows just how impressive a model airport can really be.

If you always wanted to check out a model airport, then you should definitely check more videos about the MiWuLa Hamburg or you can go and check it out. This is one of the best places to visit if you love model trains and airports. Plus, Hamburg also hosts a plethora of other attractions for miniature enthusiasts as well!