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Anglo-Saxon Military Organization

Nov 6th 2019

Trains and Toy Soldiers has new products from John Jenkins Designs, including figurines from the Age of Arthur, Anglo Saxon / Danes. We're looking at Anglo-Saxon military organization and fyrdsmen this week, with help from Regia Anglorum. The military organization of the Anglo-Saxons is a difficult subject. It is impossible to give precise details of developments, primarily because the Saxons did not need to define their military org...
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54th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry

Nov 2nd 2019

We have more exciting John Jenkins Designs releases, including the 54th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry from the American Civil War. Learn more about the 54th Regiment with us this week in the Trains and Toy Soldiers history and product spotlight!The 54th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry was an infantry regiment that saw extensive service in the Union Army during the American Civil War. The unit was the first African-Ameri...
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St. Francis Raid

Oct 3rd 2019

This week's history and product spotlight is on the St. Francis Raid. Check out our toy soldiers from the Raid on St. Francis in our John Jenkins Designs section!The St. Francis Raid was an attack in the French and Indian War by Robert Rogers on St. Francis, near the southern shore of the Saint Lawrence River in what was then the French province of Canada, on October 4, 1759. Rogers and about 140 men entered the village, which was reportedly occu...
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History of Toy Soldiers

Sep 23rd 2019

It goes without saying that we love toy soldiers. This week, we're learning about where and when these cherished figurines came into prominence.Military figures have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs and have appeared in many cultures and eras. Tin soldiers were produced in Germany as early as the 1730s by molding metal between two pieces of slate. Toy soldiers became widespread during the 18th century, inspired by the military exploits of Fre...
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John Jenkins Designs - Aztec and Roman Empires

Sep 19th 2019

Trains and Toy Soldiers has more exciting John Jenkins Designs additions. This week, we're featuring the Aztec and Roman Empires. Don't miss these Conquest of America and Armies & Enemies of Ancient Rome toy soldiers!THE AZTEC EMPIREImage: Aztec Ally Chieftain with Cuauhololli (The Conquest of America, The Aztec Empire), available from Trains and Toy Soldiers.The Aztec Empire, or the Triple Alliance, was an alliance of three Nahua altepetl&n...
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