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The American Flyer is the ideal gift this Christmas

Nov 28th 2017

Days are passing by quickly and Christmas is closing in on us fast, so you’d better start looking for the ideal gift before it’s too late. No one enjoys getting stuck in traffic on the last day, hunting for the perfect present by visiting shop after shop, or to realize that Christmas Eve is here and the presents haven’t arrived. So, with just a few weeks left until Christmas, Trains and Toy Soldiers warmly recommends for you to take a look at the impressive American Flyer collection. A toy train is an ideal gift for a collector, hobbyist, or anyone that enjoys these particular vehicles recreated at a smaller scale.

The American Flyer is a brand that started to be manufactured in 1908, still being available on the market in present days as well. So, when you choose to purchase an American Flyer toy train, you actually opt for a brand with a long tradition when it comes to model railroading manufacturing, which managed to survive all the challenges the past decades threw toward its direction. Believe it or not, the modern company that provides the American Flyer still uses the same models that used to be issued in the 50s, utilizing the same tooling, road names, and paint schemes. Thus, today’s American Flyer toy trains look very much in the same manner as they used to a couple of decades ago. In other words, the receiver of such a gift will actually receive a part of American history, both due to the fact that the train models represent trains that once roamed on the US’s railroads and because the American Flyer is an iconic company in the model railroading industry.

Whether you want to inspire a beautiful hobby to your children, wish to offer a beautiful toy train, or plan on impressing a model train collector, any of the items present in the American Flyer collection will rise to your expectations and will turn out to be a very inspired decision. Made out of metal and painted to last for a lifetime, the American Flyer toy trains are not just old vestiges of a company that was founded a very long time ago or “vintage” items, as some would say. The models remained the same from an aesthetic point of view, but when it comes to enjoying and controlling these trains, everything is modern about them. Their motors are manufactured by respecting the latest standards so you can be sure that such an item will provide entertainment for years to come, without any maintenance necessary.

So, stop looking for Christmas gifts because you just found the ideal ones. This year, choose to offer something different, something that inspires tradition and outstanding quality and, who knows, maybe you will spark the desire for someone to become a fierce toy train collector and enthusiast. The best part about toy trains is that both adults and children like them at the same time, so choosing such a gift will be a great decision regardless of case.