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Garibaldi Toy Soldiers

Garibaldi Toy Soldiers

Trains and Toy Soldiers is pleased to offer to the world’s best customer a selection of Garibaldi Toy Soldiers. These Garibaldi military miniatures offer the serious collector the chance to own a unique piece of Toy Soldiers history.

In 1987, Luigi Toiati and his bride Monica opened a store in the eternal city, Rome. There are many things to love about Garibaldi & Co Toy Soldiers: the bright and carefully hand painted gloss uniforms, the energetic and dynamic sculpting, the smallest extra details you might not notice until the third or fourth time examining the set.  Personally, we here at Trains and Toy Soldiers enjoy the uncommon periods that Luigi and Monica choose to depict.

Trains and Toy Soldiers loves American Civil War military miniatures as much as anyone, but how often do you see a 54mm military miniatures set that brings to life the soldiers of Italian Wars of the 16th Century. While not the commonly depicted period in 54 mm military miniatures, The Italian War which took place between 1551-1559 was a turning point of tactics and weaponry in European conflicts. 

We only have one each of these Garibaldi 54mm toy soldiers. So, we encourage you to buy yours today.