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Johillco also known as John Hill & Company was started by a former employee of W. Britain by the name of George Wood about 1900. Specializing in manufacturing hollowcast metal toy soldiers and later plastic toy soldiers.

Johillco toy soldiers and figures appealed more to the working class than the more expensive W. Briatin figures which were sold in sets.  John Hill & Company produced individual toy soldiers and figures to be enjoyed and didn't seem to care about authenticity or detail their figures were to be collected and enjoyed for what they were.

Almost all of Johillco figures were hollowcast in a 54mm size and featured a fairly diverse range, from ancient Romans, Ethiopians, Boers, Arabs and British and American troops along with cowboys and American Indians.  Being issued in a variety of poses and positions they were of greater interest to collectors than Britains.  Quality of design varied greatly yet a great number had a dynamic and keenness compared to the United States' Manoil figure. Having been sold as individual figures rather than in sets probably accounts for their individuality.

John Hill & Company toy soldiers are marked either with the imprint "J. Hill & Co." or "Johillco", possible with "J.Hill" or "Jo Hill".  It is with great pride that Trains And Toy Soldiers is able to offer a fine selection of Johillco toy soldiers and figures.  Of particular interest are the railroad passenger figures, signs and equipment which work well with G Gauge trains.