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Die Cast

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Die Cast

Why does a store called Trains and Toy Soldiers have a page for die cast cars? Maybe because they are awesome! I don't know about you but I remember my hot wheels fondly. There was even a incident with a hot wheels car, a ramp, and window that still haunts me every Thanksgiving. It is not some marketing gimmick, we really are a family business, so there are really no secrets at Trains and Toy Soldiers.

Trains and Toy Soldiers has been selling die cast cars for years, but mostly through other venues. We are planning to move more of our inventory on to this site in the coming months so make sure that you come back often to see what is new! Die cast cars have changed from the 1980's and you can find the best of the 21st century die cast cars here. We are especially proud to feature our NASCAR line with many of your favorite cars and drivers in limited edition models.

Looking for something that you don't see here? Email or call us, we take pride in taking care of our customers, because we know you put the Turkey on the table at every Thanksgiving. Make sure you are always the first to know about new products or upcoming special offers by signing up here.