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Rolling Stock


6-81205 Timken Flatcar O Gauge


Lionel 6-81205 Timken Flatcar Lionel 6-81204 features,die-cast metal sprung trucks and operating couplers, metal handrails, platform, and ladders, and was made in the USA dimension length 11" Minimum curve: 027.    If you have any questions...

Rolling Stock

Lionel rolling stock is what the name implies. Anything that will roll on rails. Many of these cars accommodated the maintenance of the train line and the loading of freight. The handy crane cars used primarily for maintenance. Flatcars and intermodal cars handled a lot of the freight that used to be hauled in boxcars. Gondola, coal dump, hopper and ore cars were indispensable for the coal and mining industry and later the side dumps for logs. Then there are the “House Cars” that hauled an unbelievably diverse amount of freight that needed to be in an enclosed environment. These “House Cars” included boxcars, livestock cars and refrigerator cars. Of course we needed to haul our liquids and gas, thus, the Tank and vat cars, hauling everything liquid or in liquid. Finally, we needed to haul humans. Therefore, the ecumenical “Passenger Car”. These cars could be as luxurious as the mansions on long island to the mundane, hauling the common class. Trains and Toy Soldiers is a Lionel “VALUED ADDED DEALER”.