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Adding great accessories to your Pinewood derby car toys does not only give the ride some real life looks. It also provides the car with extremely great attention and makes it more admirable to both the kids and adults. Some of the accessories include features that could be observed on the dragsters, rugged off road vehicles and some metal heavy monsters. The accessories are nice and necessary for making your pinewood derby cars have unique looks. Most of them weighs between 0.3 to 0.6 ounces and could be used by children from the ages of four and above. The pinewood derby cars accessories are very easy to use. You can attach some rear fenders to the backing plastic of your cars, make some large bat fins, add some wheel customizations, add some weight and make an overall great finishing. Want your children to win first in major shows and competitions; you really need to help them with great accessories. Our great collection of pinewood derby car accessories include the PineCar Derby Pre-Cut Designs P367 Dragster Car Body, PineCar Derby P350 Round Weights, PineCar Derby P349 Show Wheels Custom Parts and so many others.



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