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The power of the locomotives and the luxury of the finely appointed passenger cars are just the beginning of any model electric railroader’s vision. As much as we love our locomotives, freight cars, coal cars, passengers, cabooses, and other model railroading rolling stock, we model railroaders are not just creating layouts of trains and track, but entire miniature worlds filled with our memories of the past and dreams for the future. To create your vision of land beyond the railroad tracks, Trains and Toy Soldiers is proud to present you accessories by Lionel. Lionel’s founder, Joshua Lionel Cowen, love of trains and railroads caused him to create Lionel in 1900. For one hundred and sixteen years, Lionel has been a leader in the model electric railroading. And for most of that time, the buildings, bridges, figures, flag posts, tunnels, water towers, and many other accessories produced by Lionel have been the amongst the best in the world. Trains and Toy Soldiers has a large selection of these accessories and accents. Our selection includes retried Lionel buildings which might not easily be found elsewhere. Lifelong model railroaders ourselves, our personal O gauge layout features a large working Ferris wheel and a friendly farmhouse complete with livestock. Additionally, our layout includes a classic McDonald’s drive in advertising 15 cent hamburgers and an internally lite Stella’s diner which sits along the tracks outside of town, the grandkids are always eager see the trains run and town come to life whenever they visit. Trains and Toy Soldiers has committed to providing the best products we can find to our fellow electric model train lovers, please call or email us if we can be of any assistance.