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Lionel electric model trains have been around longer than diesel locomotives. Lionel was founded in 1900 in Chesterfield, Michigan. Since that time, Lionel has earned a reputation as one of the best model train manufactures in the world. The first commercially operated diesel locomotive was operated in 1912, and unlike Lionel was not an immediate success. Adolphus Busch, the creator of Busch Beer, actually bought the rights to make Diesel locomotives in the United States, but decided that project was not worth the investment. General Electric began building prototypes of diesel locomotives in the 1910’s and when in 1923 new environmental regulations banned the use of steam locomotives in New York City, the demand for new type locomotive engine greatly increased. The diesel engine began widespread use in the railyard. Since the diesel locomotives could be safely operated by one person, Diesel Switcher Locomotives were widely adopted in the 1920’s and 1930’s as a labor saving measure. In 1934, Union Pacific and Burlington Railroad began to use diesel locomotives in “streamliners” design to haul passengers. In 1948, Lionel introduced the F3 diesel locomotive electric train engine to the world. Thousands and thousands of these new exciting streamlined electric model train engines would be sold to railroad model enthusiast across the world. The diesel engine locomotive and steam engine locomotive were now in an epic struggle to be king of the railways. Slowly the diesel engines were given more and more runs, in 1968 the last major run was performed by a steam engine in United States ended. Trains and Toy soldiers is proud to bring you a growing line of Lionel model electric diesel locomotives. Are you looking for something in particular? Do you need help finding that hard to find item? Call or email Trains and Toy Soldiers today and we will try an assist you.