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Individual Figures

Britains Limited manufactured thousands of individual hollowcast lead toy soldier figures based on American, British, Danish, Egyptian, French, Italian, Polish and Arab military troops. Produced individually as standalone figures and sets including Fusiliers, Grenadiers, Highlanders, Hussars, Life Guards, Royal Marines, Royal Scots, Lancers, World War I and World War II infantry soldiers to mention a few. One of Britians Limited more popular series known as the band series is often overlooked by collectors. The band series includes a wide variety of musical instruments ranging from wind to base and side drums. The farm series, which includes such figures as the farmer, farmer’s wife, milkmaids, villagers along with the village idiot introduced in 1927, clergyman, numerous farm animals and many others were produced prewar and postwar. The zoo series included not only animals such as elephants, lions, gorillas, kangaroos, giraffes, the nile crocodile, the llama and more but also date palms, railings and a zoo keeper. The gardening series includes flowers, shrubs, stone walls, fences, garden accessories including tools and vehicles.