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Originally, the scout was given a wood block made up of pine, four nails and four plastic wheels as a kit. The car must be completely assembled with all nine pieces included with the kit. The weight must not exceed certain measurement, the width must be accurate with the recommendations, the length must be perfect and the toy must fit on scout pack’s track. Blocks can be whittled with shaping Dremel carving tools, bandsaw or hand knife. While building the toys from the kit you can add some weights by adding steel pieces, glued in lead and coins. Graphite helps to polish the supplied nails and it is the best lubricant for the Pinewood derby cars. There are different kits and those could be used to assemble different varieties of cars from exact replicas of the actual cars to whimsical objects or even unfinished blocks. The idea behind the Pinewood derby kit is for the guardian and/or parents of the kids to spend quality time in assisting and helping the child to assemble, carve, design, add weights, paint and tune the final car. We have different varieties of pinecar derby kits that will wow your kids. We have the PineCar Derby Designer Kit, PineCar Derby P359 Axles & Polishing Kit and so many more